Stretch and Smile at Sukha

yogaIt’s almost the end of January and we’re guessing you know what that means – the new year is officially well on its way here in Haworth, NJ. With that being said, dental implant provider Dr. Michael Migdal, as well as the rest of his staff at Gentle Dentistry, could not be more excited to usher in 2016.

Here in the office, we see this time of year as the perfect time to get a jumpstart on setting any plans you’ve had to better yourself into action. Those actions, or at the very least intentions, are often voiced by thousands of people on new year’s eve in the form of a new year’s resolution. Popular new year’s resolutions include things that revolve around personal health and improving it. Many people promise to eat healthier. Others claim they will exercise more. Even more make the all-time famous proclamation that they will lose weight. Then, in about three weeks’ time, it seems the majority of folks lose steam in their motivation trains and new year’s resolutions turn into “It was a good thought. Next year.”

However, seeing as we are a dental office first and foremost, that means we are in the business of promoting health in humans. Whether that health is oral or overall, as long as it’s healthy, we support and encourage it. Bearing this in mind, we have decided to write a post about our favorite local wellness center – Sukha.

Find a Smile a Sukha

Our lives are hectic. No one understands this more than the staff at Gentle Dentistry. The day starts and most of us are up and running until the sun goes back down at night and our heads hit our pillows. Activities like running seven miles and eating a salad are often the last things on our minds. Despite how much we might want things to change, this hectic schedule we keep can’t and won’t be changing anytime soon.

So how can we deal with this level of stress? If we can’t change it? We adapt.

Yoga is a practice that has been around for a very long time. It is a way to both give your body the physical activity it needs and your mind the meditation it craves. Sukha offers various yoga classes for people to participate in, and we support this activity wholly!

“Sukha Arts Center prides itself on being a community that inspires creativity. We strive to provide everyone who walks through our doors with a sense of joy, ease, and bliss or “sukha”. Our arts center offers classes and workshops to all ages to provide everyone with an experience that ignites their passion.”

We think everyone could do with a little joy, ease, and bliss this year. Why not get it while exercising as well? Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Let’s get healthy!

Also… let’s all try to floss more.

Until next time readers, go do some yoga and keep smiling.