Holiday Cheer with Sydney’s Sweets

Dollarphotoclub_96043335-min (1)Well, the weather has officially grown frightful here in Haworth, NJ and dental implant provider Dr. Michael Migdal, as well as the rest of his staff, could not be more excited to welcome back the holiday season again.  For many people, the holiday season means friends and family gathering together to make memories and share laughs. This is the main reason so many people enjoy this time of year so much.

However, something else many people do, throughout the entire year, maintains an incredibly busy schedule. A good number of people will be expected to attend more than one holiday themed party this year. While this is a wonderful thing, it’s also known as bad taste to show up to any party empty handed. So save money, many people choose to whip up batches of freshly baked treats for all at the party to share.

There is only one problem with this idea, though. As we stated above, a large number of people lead very busy lives. This can make the idea of baking batches of goodies to bring with you to every single event you attend this year an unrealistic one. With this in mind, we have decided to write a post telling you a bit our favorite place to get baked treats from locally. Here’s hoping you order up a batch of something yummy from Sydney Sweets this holiday season.

Spreading Holiday Cheer with Sydney Sweets

There really is something special about ordering a batch of cookies or cupcakes from a professional bakery. It’s almost like getting a package in the mail when the treats are finally ready to be picked up. And if there are two things that the holiday season does best, it’s sweets and packages.

However, if there is one thing that Sydney’s Sweet’s does even better than the holidays it’s those sweets! Now, we all have that special family recipe for cake or cookies, and were not trying to step on anyone’s toes here, but the baked treats that come out of Sydney’s may just be better than your grand mamma’s.

Yes. They are that good.

“In 2005, Sydney began baking desserts for family and friends, who would share these delicious treats with their friends, co-workers, and neighbors. Within no time, people began calling up asking if we could bake them desserts for their parties and family gatherings and actually offered to pay! From there, Sydney’s Sweets was officially in business.”

Any business that starts simply due to a literal public outcry says something about the product being made. In this case, it means these sweet treats will have you coming back for more each and every time you have a party to throw or a craving to satisfy.

In our opinions, Sydney’s Sweets is by far the best bakery in the Haworth and West Hempstead areas of New Jersey. Perhaps even the state. Why not let the talented staff here help you spread some holiday cheer?

We hope to see you at Sydney’s Sweets soon! Just remember to brush your teeth after eating any sweets this holiday season, or you might end up on our naughty list!

Until next time readers, keep smiling.