Why Dental Implants over Dentures? Pros and Cons

Why choose surgical dental implants over dentures? At Gentle Dentistry, we’ve helped thousands of patients who have missing or damaged teeth.

It’s true, there are other options out there. But we’ve perfected the art of dental implants and stand behind our belief that they’re the most comfortable, natural-looking, functional and long-lasting solution to tooth loss.

Dental Implants Are better For Your Health

Bone Deterioration

  • When you suffer from tooth loss, you’ll compensate by using one side of your mouth more than the other. This eventually weakens the jaw muscles and your bone will deteriorate over time. Dentures will help you eat and speak again, but they do nothing to prevent bone deterioration.
  • Dental implants fill in the spaces left by your missing teeth. We expertly fit them, fully customized to the shape of your bite, and they act as support to promote healthy bone growth. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement that halts or reverses jawbone deterioration.


  • Dentures often fall out or become loose over time, reducing their function and making speaking, eating, or smiling difficult.
  • Dental implants are permanently anchored to your jaw, so they don’t fall out or slide around in your mouth. They allow normal chewing, which strengthens the facial muscles and reduces your risk of facial sagging.


  • Dentures require constant care and cleaning. They add extra time to your routine, and if not cleaned properly, can lead to uncomfortable gum lesions that become infected.
  • Dental implants are treated just like your normal, natural teeth — you can brush, floss, and clean them without removing them. They’re your permanent solution and will last you a lifetime if taken care of properly.

Dental Implants Look Better

Dental Implants are More Comfortable

  • All the moving around and pinching of dentures can cause extreme discomfort and blisters. You shouldn’t dread putting them in at the beginning of the day or anticipate them moving.
  • Dental implants solve this issue – most patients report that dental implants look and feel just like their natural teeth. They will never move, pinch or feel uncomfortable.

Dental Implants are More Durable

  • Dentures are fitted for a time, then need to be replaced within five to ten years because they deteriorate and shift.
  • Dental implants are a one-and-done deal. They never need to be replaced, and if there ever is an issue, Dr. Spector can fix it without a hassle. With proper care and regular visits to our office, dental implants can last a lifetime.

Dental Implants are a Better Investment

  • Dentures may cost less initially — but with replacements, maintenance, cleaning products, and long-term damage to your gums, the expenses add up.
  • Dental implants are a one-time procedure that never need extra products.

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