Some Wisdom Behind Dental Implants

Portrait of beautiful girl with perfect smile. Isolated on whiteDr. Spector from Haworth, NJ at Gentle Dentistry, is here blogging today to explain the simple and painless process of dental implants and how many benefits it can bring into patients’ lives. We want to make sure you know everything there is to know about dental implants and the easy process behind them.

The first step is for you to call us at 201-429-9758 to schedule a consultation at Gentle Dentistry. We need to examine your existing jaw bone and determine whether or not you are an immediate candidate for this procedure. Someone with deteriorated jaw bone will not qualify as an initial candidate because of the lack of structure needed for the process of osseointegration to ensue. See our Bone Graft Info page to find out what steps you should take if you are not an initial candidate.

Osseointegration is when the titanium that the doctor lays gently into the jaw bone naturally and biologically embeds itself into the structure of the jaw bone and heals completely. This recovery period normally takes about 4-6 months in which you need to explicitly follow the doctor’s instructions about food/ drink/ cleaning instructions. It is imperative to keep the mouth as clean as possible while in this waiting period in order to help the process happen properly.

Once you have healed and recuperated the proper amount of time, you are now ready to get the actual implants put in your mouth. The doctor will easily place the tooth- colored crowns in the missing spaces in order to complete that new, beautiful smile of yours. Almost all of our patients have told us that the bite they now have with the dental implants is the best they have had in years. They no longer need to worry about painful shocks when trying to chew with brittle and missing teeth; chewing with dental implants is a breeze.

We specifically design and personalize the false teeth in comparison to your natural teeth to make sure that they fit for the perfect bite and comfort level. We also match up their color with the color of your remaining teeth so that your smile will be just one consistent shade and no one will be able to tell.

You cannot beat the affordability and convenience of dental implants, especially compared to dentures or bridges. You do not ever have to worry about taking them out or losing them like dentures; they will remain firmly planted in your mouth so you can drink and eat whatever substances that you want with ease.

It is never fun to have to talk with a missing tooth or teeth; our speech definitely depends on the health and presence of the teeth. Sick of someone saying they cannot understand you? Or are you mumbling because your lost your confidence when you lost that tooth or teeth? We understand and want to complete that smile so you can speak the perfect dialect with outstanding enunciation for years to come. Speak clearer than you have in years, thanks to dental implants.

Now, some people think that dental implants are the solution to avoid dental maintenance since the false teeth cannot decay; they are wrong. Although it is true that the dental implants cannot decay like our natural teeth, you can still develop peri- implantitis. Peri- implantitis is the destructive inflammatory process affecting the soft and hard tissue surrounding the dental implants; this can be almost as bad as tooth decay in our natural teeth. For you to neglect the implants that you spent money and time on, would just be ridiculous. We must, no matter what we have in our mouths, always brush and floss regularly to get rid of the plaque and harmful bacteria in the mouth as much as we can. Also, do not be afraid to floss with dental implants; they are just as strong as natural teeth.

Want to learn more about this process? Visit our Dental Implant Info page today.

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