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Beautiful daughter kissing her senior fatherDr. Spector from Gentle Dentistry in Haworth, NJ is here to explain that dental implants are the perfect solution for people experiencing dental concerns and love to travel frequently. We love to travel here at Gentle Dentistry office in Haworth, NJ and know how important it is to building character and stability. However, we also appreciate the importance of having a healthy mouth and maintaining good dental hygiene. Having good hygiene in the teeth and gums is vital to living a long and healthy life; this is much more important than people realize. Are you suffering from a loss of a tooth or teeth? Quit chewing and call us immediately for dental implants to work toward a better dental future today.

Dental Implants are false tooth roots that are placed in the jaw to hold in replacement and natural- looking crowns. Filling the spaces in the mouth with dental implants can reduce your risk of further decay in the mouth, as well reducing the risk of developing gum disease. People that have decided to neglect their teeth and gums for years, actually have been voluntarily contributing to the destruction and deterioration of their jaw bone; specifically the alveolar bone. This is bad because in order for the dental implants to be successful, the patient must have a sufficient jaw structure and strength.

If the patient’s jaw bone has suffered too much damage, they will need to get a bone grafting done. This is the procedure where the doctor replaces the damage and fractured tissue in the bone with new and healthy osseous tissue; sort of like a bone transplant. There is a specific recovery period in order for the jaw to properly heal and regain strength; this generally ranges from about 3-5 months, depending on the area of damage. Be sure to follow the doctor’s instructions strictly; your progression will directly reflect on how well you take care of your mouth following this procedure.

If you have not destroyed your jaw bone, you will most likely be chosen a suitable candidate for the procedure. The doctor will schedule you an appointment to get the first stage of dental implants done. The doctor will implant titanium alloy into the jaw bone very gently; you will need to heal after this procedure for at least 4-6 months. Over these few months, the process of osseointegration where the titanium naturally embeds itself into the jaw bone will ensure a permanent and comfortable fit for the dental implant crown placement. At this time you must make sure to follow the directions as well, you need to make sure to keep the mouth clean at all times. The rate at which you cleanse out your mouth, teeth and gums will directly reflect the amount of time it will take you to recover from this.

Once you have waited the proper time that your doctor gave you, you will be ready to get the crowns placed in the mouth. We use special technology to make sure that these implants match the contrast, sizing, and color of your natural teeth; the difference between them will be indistinguishable. We also make sure that the comfort is to your liking; this is important for you to be able to masticate normally and feel like these fit with your natural teeth.

As for the scheduled time to have open in order to rest and heal properly after this process, we ask that all of our patients stay in the city for at least 14 days once this is finished. We need to make sure that you are healing properly and it is much easier to do that when you are not out of the country. Normally our patients only take 2-3 days to rest physically in order to recuperate from the procedure. After this they are up and out of the country exploring the inexplainable.

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