Sugary Foods That Are Bad For Your Teeth

Suagr can be harmful to dental implant users.Studies show that 92% of adults have cavities. Cavities are caused by bacteria that has metabolized sugar into plaque acids. These acids can remove enamel minerals and erode it. In addition, the production of plaque can seep into the gums and cause inflammation. Sugary foods have been known to cause damaging effects on teeth, but what people do not realize is that the presence of sugar is in almost everything we eat. Natural sugar or processed sugar is still sugar and it can still develop into harmful acids.  The best way to combat against dental acidity is to be aware of the sugar content in the foods you eat.

Sugary Foods to Avoid

Many people are confused at the concept of sugar and how there are good sugars for our body that we need and sugars that can cause damage. The consumption of sugar for the average American exceeds the normal amount that we should be intaking. Sugar is present in many vegetables such as tomatoes, and these sugars are nutritious for our body. Sugar intake only becomes unhealthy when it is not balanced out. Eating pop tarts and twinkies will raise your sugar levels and in combination with other foods that you eat, your sugar intake for the day will be higher than what you expected. Sugar in our teeth is not very helpful because it will develop into acids that will break down the enamel and cause tooth decay.

It’s crazy to think that a juice can be higher in sugar levels than soda, but it’s true. Nantucket juice company has very tasty drinks that claim to be all natural. This may be true and the ingredients they use are derived from better substances than coke, but it almost seems like a waste when their serving of sugar is higher than coke. It is so important to read labels to manage your sugar intake and realize how much sugar you are eating to help your oral anatomy fight off the damaging effects of sugar. If you can manage to eat sugary foods when you are eating larger meals, then your body is able to produce larger amounts of saliva so that it can cleanse your mouth and remineralize the enamel to protect against tooth decay. Saliva is also important for neutralizing those harmful acids that develop from sugar.

Dried fruit is high in sugar and can get stuck in between teeth making it hard to remove and often times it will stay and harbor bacteria. Alcohol can also cause oral trouble by causing dehydration and preventing the body from producing saliva. Brushing your teeth after drinking can help remove acid from the alcohol in wine or beer. Carbohydrates are also high in sugars, which gives the body good energy, but it should not be eaten excessively.

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Sugary foods can be very damaging to your oral anatomy by developing into plaque acids that will remove essential minerals from your enamel and will also cause bacteria that will infect your teeth and gums. Preventing bacterial infections or tooth decay caused by sugar is to be aware of the content of sugar is in the foods you eat and also to be diligent in rinsing and cleaning your teeth. If you have any further questions regarding your candidacy for dental implants, then please contact us to schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation today. We hope to hear from you soon!