Dental Implants Can Help Depression?

Dental Implants Haworth, NJ dentist Dr. Spector wants to share a recent study that shows how harmful missing teeth are to our mental health and how dental implants can help.


Mental Dental Dangers

For those who are not aware, dental anxiety is real and can get in the way of people treating their dental issues. A new study shows that missing teeth can affect patient’s interest in daily activities and dealing with dental issues as they should. It was found that men with missing teeth were significantly more likely to have depression or have had a diagnosis of anxiety and women with tooth loss were significantly more likely to have a current diagnosis of depression.

Dental anxiety is a real condition in which dentists will most likely administer sedation dentistry to calm the patient down. When we do not feel there is any benefit in doing things in life, taking care of our teeth can fall quite low on the totem pole. Patients that decide to neglect their oral and dental health will most likely not participate in daily cleaning routines and can develop cavities and tooth decay. Depending on the extent of neglect, teeth can become susceptible to falling out and will if the patient does not address these concerns.

Another reason this may occur, may have to do with medication that they are taking for these disorders. As we discussed in our last blog, certain antidepressants have effects on bone density and formation; this includes the teeth. When teeth are neglected and being robbed of their nutrients, they will fall completely out of the mouth. This can create dangerous infections and diseases for the patient in areas of the body other than the mouth.

When the gums become a consistent target for bacteria, acid and decay, they can develop infections that affect different parts of the body. Periodontitis, otherwise known as gum disease, has been directly linked with heart disease and brain damage. The inflammation of the blood vessels in the mouth can travel to the heart and brain and create deadly conditions and illnesses that can rob the patient of their ability to live. We must always make sure to keep our teeth and gums in mind when we are feeling down.

Why Dental Implants?

Dental implants can not only increase the density in the patient’s teeth over time, but even prevent them from developing gum disease. When the titanium implants protect the spaces in the teeth, the gums are able to restore and heal themselves over time. Through a process called osseointegration, the dental implants fuses naturally into the jawbone and can actually function just as real teeth do. The 3-6 process allows the implants to permanently stay in the mouth for years to come and perform as a real part of the oral system.

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Depressed patients could benefit from dental implants because of their low require maintenance, permanent placement and the confidence they give patients to share their smile with the world. They even have the ability to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and can give patients youthful smiles that are healthy and beautiful. Call us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Spector at (201) 429-9758.