Antibiotics and Your Prosthetic Implant Joints

Pills tablets round out of containerDental Implants Haworth NJ dentist Dr. Spector wants to share a recent and important dental study from University of Penn State School of Dental Medicine as a valued alumni member.

As an involved member of the University’s alumni, Dr. Spector keeps up with all current dental research and share it with patients to keep them in the know and how of maintaining their dental care. Researchers and Professors at the University have been working on studies regarding the safety of administering antibiotics before dental procedures to those that have prosthetic joints, for fear of the complications with prosthetic joint infection. The school has been regulating the practice since the 1990s when oral bacteria, that could potentially cause this infection, showed to enter the mouth through the bloodstream following dental procedures.

In 2012 the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons released a public review that claimed doctors might cease to supply prophylactic antibiotics for patients with prosthetic joint implants in their knees and hips while encountering dental surgeries or procedures. Professor Sollecito of the Department of Oral Medicine in the School of Dental Medicine claimed that the unknown and incomplete terminology left dentists feeling very unassured and confused on whether to administer these drugs or not.

In January 2015 the Journal of the American Dental Association published the continuance of the study that determined no connection between dental procedures and prosthetic joint infection were clinically found in these studies. Sollecito also states that they even factored in the idea of the patient abusing the antibiotics and believes that is not wise to prescribing these necessary drugs before dental procedures. The ADA published these findings this month in their journal.

Here at Gentle Dentistry, we take all of these findings into consideration so we suggest that patients notify us before their scheduled dental procedure of their prosthetic joints so they are not administered antibiotics that can put them in danger of infection. Dr. Spector is thankful for Thomas Sollecito and his persistent findings to keep these patients healthy throughout dental procedures.

Dr. Spector specializes in the creation of successful dental implants here in Haworth, NJ and loves to share his passion with his patients, along with the right research. Throughout his many years of dental experience and education, he has seen first- hand the horrors of missing teeth. At Gentle Dentistry, we do everything we can to help patients avoid the potential diseases and illnesses a missing tooth or teeth can create with dental implants.

Dental implants have the ability to provide complete dental health, increase tooth density and even prevent gum disease! These little titanium beauties can not only save patients from developing horrible diseases but allow them to have a perfect and comfortable bite. Through a gradual process called osseointegration, the dental implants fuse naturally into the patient’s jaw and become just a strong and functional as the patient’s real and original teeth.

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